Kashidashi Tsuma, Marina no "Netorase" Houkoku 3 Case. Moto Kareshi & Binkan Tsuma

貸し出し妻、満里奈の“ネトラセ”報告3 CASE.元彼氏&敏感妻

TitleKashidashi Tsuma, Marina no "Netorase" Houkoku 3 Case. Moto Kareshi & Binkan Tsuma
Original title貸し出し妻、満里奈の“ネトラセ”報告3 CASE.元彼氏&敏感妻
DeveloperAtelier Sakura
Publishers Atelier Sakura
Kashidashi Tsuma, Marina no "Netorase...
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Kashidashi Tsuma, Mayumi no "Netorase...



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Azuma Kenji
Azuma Kenji東 健二 
Hair, Black, Short
Eyes, Amber
Personality, Jealous, Kind, Ore
Role, Father, Husband, Not a Virgin
Engages in, Netorase
Subject of, Sexual Dysfunction
Engages in (Sexual)
Subject of (Sexual)


Kenji is the husband of Marina and the father of Saki.

After reading someone's online account of their wife sleeping with another man, he begins to wonder what it would be like if Marina slept with someone else.

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Main characters

Azuma Marina
Azuma Marina東 満里奈 
Hair, Ahoge, Parted in Middle, Shoulder-length, Violet
Eyes, Amber
Body, E+ Cup, Young-adult
Clothes, Baby-doll, Crop Top, Short Shorts, Tank Top
Personality, Assertive, Atashi, Friendly
Role, Ex-girlfriend, Housewife, Mother, Not a Virgin, Sex Friend, Wife
Engages in, Netorase
Subject of
Engages in (Sexual)
Subject of (Sexual)
Voiced byKobato Riku


The wife of the main character, Kenji Azuma, Marina is a mother of one. She just recently turned 30 but looks much younger. Being an "older sister" type of girl, she tends to watch after those younger than herself, which means that everyone depends on her.

Marina is a former athlete with a very candid attitude and no major dislikes. The way she speaks is slightly masculine.

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In OL Marina no Doutei Choukyou, she find an old diary and remember the days before dating Kenji and how she fell in love with him.

Side characters

Azuma Saki
Azuma Saki東 咲 
Hair, Shoulder-length, Violet
Eyes, Amber
Body, Kid
Clothes, Short Shorts
Items, Mobile Phone
Personality, Curious, Immature, Smart
Role, Daughter, Elementary School Student
Engages in (Sexual)


She is the daugther of Kenji and Marina who's now a bit more older.

Although she still looks immature, Saki has gained intelligence and is much smarter. She is very worried about her mother and father, who seem to be very tense.

Nakamura Hiroto
Nakamura Hiroto中村 浩人 
Hair, Blond, Short
Eyes, Blue
Clothes, Hoodie
Role, Not a Virgin, Sex Friend, University Student
Subject of, Sexual Dysfunction
Engages in (Sexual)


A young man in his sophomore year of college, Hiroto is your average student when it comes to both academics and athletics. However, his style and personality seem like the type that older people would consider acceptable. He’s quite popular with the older ladies.

He works part-time at the same supermarket as Marina while he attends the local college. The girl he was dating dumped him, saying she had ”found someone she loved.” He was heartbroken.

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