DOR Special Edition '93


DOR Special Edition '93
TitleDOR Special Edition '93
Original titleDOR SPECIAL EDITION'93
Publishers D.O.
Shares characters
DOR Part 2
Same series
DOR Special Edition Sakigake


DOR Special Edition '93 is neither a compilation, re-release, nor a remake; it is an independent entry in the DOR series. Typically for the series, the game consists of three completely unrelated scenarios. They can be accessed from the initial game "hub", which is viewed from a top-down perspective and allows the player to control the sexy demon Akuma, the series' mascot, as she runs around a small town, visiting houses that lead to the game's features: playing the scenarios, viewing the pictures, getting acquainted with the developers, etc.

The first scenario tells the story of a Japanese businessman and treasure hunter named Hiroshi, who has organized a perilous expedition into South American jungle, hoping to find the legendary spring of eternal youth. However, on the way to their discovery, the group has to confront monsters and other dangerous specimens of the jungle...

The second scenario is set in a pseudo Middle-Eastern environment, and focuses on a man named Farouk, who was cursed by an evil magician. In order to remove the curse, Farouk travels through a vast desert to a nearby town, hoping to find people who would help him in his predicament.

The third scenario directly continues one of the scenarios of DOR 2. It is sub-titled Armored Fighter Gyleban, and is the second part of the story. The protagonist is the leader of a squad of female fighters, who confront an organization under the leadership of the evil Grauber. Grauber's warrior, a young girl named Meiya, switches sides and decides to help the heroes in their battle.

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Protagonist of "Curse of Beast".

Motosu Ryousei
Motosu Ryousei元須 涼正 
AliasesArmored Fighter Gyleban
Eyes, Red
Personality, Selfish

Main characters

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Hair, Blue, Violet
Eyes, Green
Body, Bat Wings, Horns, Pointed Ears, Wings
Clothes, Earrings


Her hair appears blue on the cover art and purple within the game.

AliasesSenoo Mei, 妹尾 めい
Hair, Green, Long
Role, Warrior
Engages in, Betrayal