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p8766.12019-01-18 at 05:00thewayfarerDESSERT SoftAnother imprint of Candy Soft
p6241.22019-01-17 at 23:17eacilTictaleswebsite
p8765.22019-01-17 at 15:05nekonekogirlBmate ★staff
p8765.12019-01-17 at 15:03nekonekogirlBmate ★staff
p8764.12019-01-17 at 13:15printerdesuJacket bookmarkAdd
p8763.12019-01-17 at 09:05trickzzterStefan Klausadd
p8762.22019-01-17 at 08:41hira-ganaNoriko Channelsorry
p8762.12019-01-17 at 08:40hira-ganaNoriko ChannelNew producer
p8761.12019-01-17 at 07:29kimesuStudio Mentanpinadd new producer
p8760.12019-01-17 at 03:50lunaterraCarameladded
p3219.42019-01-16 at 22:25thebackupPixæl WorksPixaelSoft is the parent brand of Pixæl Works, not the other way around.
p8751.22019-01-15 at 16:18iamdaxThe Wrecking Crewedit description
p8759.12019-01-15 at 15:57iamdaxCloudNovel Studioadd publisher
p8754.22019-01-15 at 14:35terios121T&H ProjectsPretty useless.
p8758.22019-01-15 at 14:34terios121Studio Sold OutPretty useless.
p8758.12019-01-15 at 14:18kimesuStudio Sold Outadd new producer
p8757.12019-01-15 at 11:42trickzzterWarMachineadd
p3041.32019-01-15 at 07:33dqwyySP-timeedit the title
p8756.12019-01-14 at 21:50usagiKimmiChanadd producer
p6831.22019-01-14 at 21:20marantanaSchoolfield Gamesconcluded from their last twitter port and the website being offline (domain not registered).
p200.102019-01-14 at 16:21kimesuClock Upadded some aliases made up by Chinese fans.
p81.62019-01-14 at 16:20kimesuLump of Sugaradded aliase made up by Chinese fans.
p6094.102019-01-14 at 14:34marantanaGalGameremoved dead link to website - couldn't find a new address for the translator (link)
p8755.22019-01-14 at 14:02terios121SesiSoftuseless.
p8755.12019-01-14 at 13:49nekonekogirlSesiSoftstaff
p8754.12019-01-14 at 12:50kimesuT&H Projectsadd new producer
p8753.12019-01-14 at 11:14printerdesuKokoro LessAdd
p8736.32019-01-13 at 15:34terios121Uragiri no Doukutsu B2FAliases, separated by a newline.
p8736.22019-01-13 at 15:31terios121Uragiri no Doukutsu B2FWeb
p8752.22019-01-13 at 12:24iamdaxMonofluffchange language
p8752.12019-01-13 at 12:24iamdaxMonofluffAdd general info
p8751.12019-01-13 at 11:31iamdaxThe Wrecking CrewEdit general info
p3670.32019-01-13 at 09:20staraceEien no Bungeibu+twitter
p8750.12019-01-12 at 23:47beliarCreative Multimedia Corporationdev
p8749.12019-01-12 at 23:46beliarR. A. Montgomerydev
p8748.12019-01-12 at 12:20printerdesup@stelAdd
p8747.12019-01-12 at 01:20shadowstar1592Initiative MediaInitial information of company.
p8746.12019-01-12 at 01:18shadowstar1592Papurika.moeInitial information of company.
p8000.22019-01-11 at 23:29palasToge ProductionsToge is a full-fledged Indonesian company. Source: link
p8745.12019-01-11 at 20:13gregoryGood TalesProducer
p8744.12019-01-11 at 12:03printerdesuFetish★FairyAdd
p8743.12019-01-11 at 07:14kimesuTC Engineadd new producer.
p8742.12019-01-11 at 07:05kimesuToukyou Clubadd new producer
p8741.12019-01-11 at 01:22kimesuWanpaku Familyadd new producer.
p8740.12019-01-10 at 23:13uwabamiScarlet StudyAdding Scarlet Study
p8739.12019-01-10 at 10:27printerdesuPINKBELL SOFTWAREAdd
p7804.22019-01-09 at 21:36eacilBORN-TO-DIEpatreon link is dead to me (i guess because loli), replaced by pixiv
p8737.22019-01-09 at 18:47beliarLazing in the Hazeno original name
p8738.12019-01-09 at 16:57hoaitrung97HoaiTrung97 Fan Translation TeamRelease Group!!!
p8737.12019-01-09 at 15:26lazinginthehazeLazingInTheHazeFirst creation