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v25110.92019-01-18 at 05:020magicTour Party: Sotsugyou Ryokou ni IkouAdded staff
v25110.82019-01-18 at 04:440magicTour Party: Sotsugyou Ryokou ni IkouAdded cast
r61655.22019-01-18 at 04:00sakuhanachanpieces / Wataridori no Somnium - Trial Edition..
c78931.22019-01-18 at 03:46sakuhanachanTamaki Shougo..
r61509.22019-01-18 at 03:45thewayfarerMissing-X-Link ~Ten no Yurikago, Togi no Hana~ Package EditionWebsite released + Updating information
c66030.242019-01-18 at 03:39xg70dYuuki Rinadded naked because she sometimes roams around her house naked after a bath. removed blackmail because it was done in a joking manner (MC blackmailed
c76009.22019-01-18 at 03:09thewayfarerMatchCan see it.
c79178.42019-01-18 at 03:05thewayfarerDeusClothing trait
c79178.32019-01-18 at 02:47savagetigerDeus..
v2989.152019-01-18 at 02:46savagetigerTsundere S Otome -Sweet Sweet Sweet-+1
c79178.22019-01-18 at 02:46savagetigerDeus,..
c1224.82019-01-18 at 02:40savagetigerNagi Shuusuke..
c1227.72019-01-18 at 02:40savagetigerSagimori Itsuma..
c1225.72019-01-18 at 02:40savagetigerIchijouin Homare..
c1225.62019-01-18 at 02:39savagetigerIchijouin Homaretraits
c1227.62019-01-18 at 02:38savagetigerSagimori Itsumatraits
c1226.52019-01-18 at 02:38savagetigerOtosaka Tatsuotraits
c1228.142019-01-18 at 02:38savagetigerNagi Souyatraits
c1224.72019-01-18 at 02:38savagetigerNagi Shuusuketraits
c1223.82019-01-18 at 02:38savagetigerTsukishiro Ioritraits
v21355.92019-01-18 at 02:30conduitIsekai Harem Dungeon Master ~Ero Trap de Himekishi Party & Maou o Yarimakuri!...Title of the game from CKG.
r34896.202019-01-18 at 02:16jansonsethFate/Stay Night [Realta Nua]Option to remove mosaics
c2816.42019-01-18 at 02:04eiesoldarShinozaki YurinoSide character, appears several times only and doesn't have a route
c57339.42019-01-18 at 01:54xg70dKairisource: link
c79145.42019-01-18 at 01:47xg70dHiranakaoriginal name
c79145.32019-01-18 at 01:45xg70dHiranakadesc
c79147.32019-01-18 at 01:45xg70dKazudesc
c79146.22019-01-18 at 01:45xg70dKontatraits, desc
c79147.22019-01-18 at 01:44xg70dKazutraits, desc
c79145.22019-01-18 at 01:44xg70dHiranakatraits, desc
c79148.22019-01-18 at 01:44xg70dTsuji Yamatotraits, desc
c26333.82019-01-18 at 01:36savagetigerMorikiyo Koutatraits
c39685.22019-01-18 at 01:36savagetigerAmamiya Tokiharutraits
c39247.62019-01-18 at 01:02xg70dIsoyama Yuukatraits
c39254.62019-01-18 at 01:01xg70dMakita Eritraits
c39255.42019-01-18 at 01:01xg70dMizoguchi Ayumitraits
v24961.42019-01-17 at 23:52terios121Zenra Laura Run ~Haikyo kara no Dasshutsu~Title translation.
v22564.22019-01-17 at 23:38eacilThe Winter Kissdescription
r55627.42019-01-17 at 23:31eacilThe Winter Kissit's pegi 12, don't know where you found your date but according to link link it's 08/17, day being either 19 or 21 (comments start the 21), website
v21261.162019-01-17 at 23:17tw1stedOre-tachi no Sekai wa Owatteiru."over 40 hours of gameplay" link
p6241.22019-01-17 at 23:17eacilTictaleswebsite
r60303.92019-01-17 at 23:12tw1stedOur World Is Ended - NA Editionrelease date
r56621.102019-01-17 at 22:37beliarLancaster Boarding Houseout now
v21020.72019-01-17 at 21:02wakaranaiUbai Byoutou ~Netorare Karute~additional credits
c62562.22019-01-17 at 21:00wakaranaiItou Tsukikoimg, traits
c62561.22019-01-17 at 20:57wakaranaiSawada Eimiimg, traits
r45288.32019-01-17 at 20:16wakaranaiSousei Tenshi Cross Emotion - First Press Editionfirst press edition includes v7251
c71434.112019-01-17 at 20:00triorityLorinda EllaUpdated trait
v23520.22019-01-17 at 19:58wakaranaiSousei Tenshi Cross Emotion Gaiden 6staff
v23519.32019-01-17 at 19:57wakaranaiSousei Tenshi Cross Emotion Gaiden 5staff