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c34480.162018-11-20 at 07:23styrAshihara Kirino+trait
c66155.92018-11-20 at 07:20styrMitsukasa Ayase+traits - At first I thought the "skirt" in Ayase's swimsuit was just a frilly bottom piece, like Nanami's swimsuit. However her tiny skirt/large
c37591.122018-11-20 at 07:07styrRayla Prateado+traits
c37592.132018-11-20 at 07:07styrIris Prateado+traits
c32076.102018-11-20 at 07:02styrVeridadear+trait
c33067.212018-11-20 at 07:01styrKiritani Riria+trait
v5035.122018-11-20 at 05:51eacilPico to Chico - Shota Idol no Oshigototitle fixed, cover less crowded and with better colors, might rewrite the synopsis later
c65036.62018-11-20 at 05:47styrFukasawa Asahi+trait (aforementioned "bikini skirt" trait got approved!)
c11748.92018-11-20 at 05:47ramaladniIchijou SuzuneEnglish.
p1556.22018-11-20 at 05:46eacilTinkor Bellarchived website, original name
c11801.62018-11-20 at 05:43ramaladniAsuhara ShirouEnglish fix.
v22195.102018-11-20 at 05:41trickzzterHow to Date a Magical Girl!Link correction
r59572.52018-11-20 at 05:38trickzzterGlare1moreIt's not dead.
r57912.62018-11-20 at 05:32arkady18Dies irae ~Amantes amentes~ For Nintendo SwitchIt's download only, according to the official site: 価格:5,800円(税別)※ダウンロード専用販売
c77010.32018-11-20 at 05:22ferustachiLucia KayeMinor edit.
r60654.22018-11-20 at 05:20pdzl5 Fenzhong de Xiehou! Shijian Tingzhi yu Buke Bimian de MingyunTrail.
c58979.22018-11-20 at 04:39canicheslayerMitsui Kana+1
c58980.22018-11-20 at 04:39canicheslayerChiyoda Aya+1
c982.102018-11-20 at 04:36canicheslayerTachibana Kurumi+1
c982.92018-11-20 at 04:36canicheslayerTachibana Kurumi+1
c58983.22018-11-20 at 04:25thewayfarerTakada-sanAnimal class trait
c58982.22018-11-20 at 04:14thewayfarerKimori TakuyaExtending visual traits based on image (What an intriguing face...)
c982.82018-11-20 at 04:10canicheslayerTachibana Kurumi+2
v5842.82018-11-20 at 02:57terios121Silence ~Seinaru Yoru no Kane no Naka de...~French alias.
r60631.22018-11-20 at 02:07terios121Isekai Harem Dungeon Master ~Ero Trap de Himekishi Party & Maou o Yarimakuri!.....
c61874.92018-11-20 at 01:59thewayfarerTakatoo RinRare engage trait (First character to use this)
v8491.112018-11-20 at 01:59marantanaTenshi to Akuma to Elf ga Oyome ni Kimashita! ~Minna Haramase Love icha Harem~removed cg from old version (replaced by new version)
v8491.102018-11-20 at 01:58marantanaTenshi to Akuma to Elf ga Oyome ni Kimashita! ~Minna Haramase Love icha Harem~added screenshots of the new release
c55507.22018-11-20 at 01:58thewayfarerMiyukiFilling empty traits (visual)
c73284.42018-11-20 at 01:44skorpiondeathKunisawa Kaorutraits
c33776.52018-11-20 at 01:22skorpiondeathKikuchi Ami+1
c33775.42018-11-20 at 01:22skorpiondeathNishizawa Risa+1
c7819.302018-11-20 at 01:19skorpiondeathMakiba Rikamerged
c7811.312018-11-20 at 01:17skorpiondeathManaka Nemu+1
c14524.282018-11-20 at 01:10skorpiondeathMitarai Yuuna+1
c14528.212018-11-20 at 01:10skorpiondeathNonohara Mikako+1
c5301.302018-11-20 at 01:10skorpiondeathMamiya Marie+1
c14527.252018-11-20 at 01:10skorpiondeathAsagiri Sachie+1
c69640.32018-11-20 at 01:02xg70dTakatsuki Minasetraits
v22195.92018-11-20 at 01:00cafeshibaHow to Date a Magical Girl!Updated screenshots
c51090.22018-11-20 at 00:59skorpiondeathMizusawa Rena+1
c51081.42018-11-20 at 00:54skorpiondeathJinguuji Maya+2
v22195.82018-11-20 at 00:53cafeshibaHow to Date a Magical Girl!Updated description
c51081.32018-11-20 at 00:52skorpiondeathJinguuji Maya+1
v22195.72018-11-20 at 00:52cafeshibaHow to Date a Magical Girl!Updated description
c29586.132018-11-20 at 00:51skorpiondeathTouko von Messerschmidt+1
c25492.132018-11-20 at 00:50skorpiondeathHanaoka Miyakomore specific
c29891.42018-11-20 at 00:49skorpiondeathHoujou Tsubakimore specific
c51080.32018-11-20 at 00:48skorpiondeathOotsuka Yoshino+2
c10329.132018-11-20 at 00:46skorpiondeathKurozumi Kiriemore specific