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c69900.72018-11-19 at 15:50batooGirl+1 trait
c565.52018-11-19 at 15:50canicheslayerDaniel+1 (Manga Character created by Yuuki Daisuke)
c427.102018-11-19 at 15:49canicheslayerKazami Rin+1 (Manga Character created by Yuuki Daisuke)
c22478.92018-11-19 at 15:49canicheslayerKazami Clie+1
c430.112018-11-19 at 15:48canicheslayerIchimonji Sayaka+1 (Manga Character created by Yuuki Daisuke)
c426.112018-11-19 at 15:47canicheslayerHongou Haruna+1 (Manga Character created by Yuuki Daisuke)
c429.152018-11-19 at 15:47canicheslayerHiruko+1 (Manga Character created by Yuuki Daisuke)
c65666.52018-11-19 at 15:00traumatizerMikagami Sumikatraits
c50430.52018-11-19 at 14:53traumatizerIsuka Makotolink
c50429.82018-11-19 at 14:52traumatizerSatou Rihitodesc, some traits
c50424.102018-11-19 at 14:50traumatizerKaizou Momolink
v24678.42018-11-19 at 14:49terios121Hiota no Kanojo ga Ore no Motteru Eroge ni Kyoumi Shinshin Nanda ga......staff
c50423.112018-11-19 at 14:49traumatizerOotate Rukalinkity link
v19587.272018-11-19 at 14:45traumatizerRe: LieF ~Shin'ainaru Anata e~+1
v19587.262018-11-19 at 14:44traumatizerRe: LieF ~Shin'ainaru Anata e~cast & staff
c69514.72018-11-19 at 14:42terios121Hoshino Kaedeed.
c69514.62018-11-19 at 14:42terios121Hoshino Kaedeed.
c77366.22018-11-19 at 14:41terios121Saitouhair trait.
c50422.162018-11-19 at 14:40traumatizerHahakigi Hinakodesc
c76760.32018-11-19 at 14:37terios121Elizabeth MidfordSome edits.
c77366.12018-11-19 at 14:36traumatizerSaitounew
c77365.12018-11-19 at 14:31traumatizerTotonew
v24418.42018-11-19 at 14:26traumatizerHoukai Tenshi Astraeacast
v24675.42018-11-19 at 14:25terios121Kasshoku Orient Bijo to Shuujuu Seikou ~Mashou no Wagamama Sakusei Keiyaku~ed.
c77364.12018-11-19 at 14:24traumatizerNakamura Kananew
s17522.12018-11-19 at 14:18terios121Amanogawa Sakistaff. (IDK If this creator is Unrelated to the Twitter account or website/Also the gender., Feel free for edit this page if you want to do so...)
c50427.62018-11-19 at 14:16traumatizerMhlia Blancotraits
c49630.32018-11-19 at 14:09traumatizerMiwa Hiroakihe was voiced by a chick (but ofc not credited)
r10124.92018-11-19 at 13:53traumatizerHoshizora no Memoria Completegrammar
v24675.32018-11-19 at 13:39terios121Kasshoku Orient Bijo to Shuujuu Seikou ~Mashou no Wagamama Sakusei Keiyaku~ed.
c73284.32018-11-19 at 13:30skorpiondeathKunisawa Kaorutraits
s17520.32018-11-19 at 13:22707Aoi Eir..
c73284.22018-11-19 at 13:16skorpiondeathKunisawa Kaorutraits
c76294.42018-11-19 at 12:53molesterHirume+1
c34796.42018-11-19 at 12:52molesterSakagami Habakimore traits
c17847.92018-11-19 at 12:52skorpiondeathMizuhara Sakitraits
c34797.52018-11-19 at 12:50molesterKoga Rindou Suzukamore traits
c34802.52018-11-19 at 12:35desannKyougetsu KeishirouAdded traits.
c45654.52018-11-19 at 12:21thewayfarerYayoiHairstyle trait
v4706.62018-11-19 at 11:41nekonekogirlFirst Kiss☆Story II ~Anata ga Iru Kara~staff
c77363.12018-11-19 at 11:40nekonekogirlKarinchar
c77362.12018-11-19 at 11:40nekonekogirlAikochar
c77361.12018-11-19 at 11:39nekonekogirlMikichar
c77360.12018-11-19 at 11:39nekonekogirlIshikawa Yumicha
c77359.12018-11-19 at 11:36nekonekogirlHishimura Nanamichar
c77358.12018-11-19 at 11:35nekonekogirlKobayakawa Ranchar
c77357.12018-11-19 at 11:35nekonekogirlOdagiri Himenochar
c77356.12018-11-19 at 11:35nekonekogirlHongouji Misachar
c77355.12018-11-19 at 11:35nekonekogirlHongouji Kaitochar
c3107.422018-11-19 at 11:28dk382Sagisawa Chihounlocking now that sy74kya is edit banned. Let's all be chill with each other from here on out.